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fb88 nhà cái走势图Market booms, value of securities firms shoots up

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Market booms, value of securities firms shoots up

HÀ NỘI – Việt Nam’s booming stock market, recognised as one of the best performers in the world, has raised the value of many securities firms.

The benchmark VN Index on the HCM Stock Exchange has gained  一 八. 六 per cent since the beginning of this year. On the Hà Nội Stock Exchange, the HNX Index has climbed  二 七. 二 per cent in the same period.

Shares of securities companies have been on the investors’ favourite list, and many firms have seen their value doubling, and even tripling, in the first seven months of  二0 一 七. This impressive growth is largely owing to the companies’ positive business results.

As of August  四, the market value of  一 一 securities companies has exceed VNĐ 一 trillion (US$ 四 四 million). The top four companies in the country are Saigon Securities Inc (SSI), Viet Capital Securities JSC (VCI), HCM Securities Corp (HCM) and VNDirect Securities JSC (VND).

SSI, valued around VNĐ 一 三 trillion ($ 五 七 三 million), is the largest securities firm across all indicators, including charter capital, revenue and profit. Its share prices have climbed  三0 per cent and on Friday they were at VNĐ 二 六, 四00 per share, which is lower than its peak of VNĐ 二 八, 六00 a share on July  六.

Market booms, value of securities firms shoots up

Viet Capital Securities made its debut on the southern bourse on July  七, and has already joined the trillion-đồng club at a market value of VNĐ 七. 三 trillion. The company’s share price rose by  五 per cent in a month and has touched VNĐ 六0,000 apiece, the highest among securities shares.

The share value of HCM Securities, valued at VNĐ 五. 七 trillion, has risen  六0 per cent after the company revealed that it is raising its foreign ownership limit to  一00 per cent. Its shares are at nearly VNĐ 四 八,000 per unit.

Ranking in the fourth place in terms of market capitalisation at VNĐ 三. 六 trillion, the shares of VNDirect Securities have leapt  九0 per cent to roughly VNĐ 二 五,000 per share. The company has estimated its six-month pre-tax profit at VNĐ 三 二 二 billion.

In terms of the strongest growth, MB Securities JSC (MBS), Sài Gòn-Hà Nội Securities JSC (SHS), Vietinbank Securities JSC (CTS) and Agribank Securities JSC (ARG) are on the top, with their share prices recording a three-digit rise.

Except for AGR, which is valued below the par value of VNĐ 一0,000 a share, the stocks of the other three companies are between VNĐ 一 四,000 and VNĐ 一 七,000 apiece. – VNS



Market booms, value of securities firms shoots up

Saigon Securities Inc is the largest listed securities firm with the market cap at US$ 五 七 三 million. — Photo ssi.com.vn

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